On the third day of the Danube Summer School the participants visited ScanPlus, an IT-Company founded in 1992 focussed on highly standardized, secure and scalable private cloud production. The participants had the chance to learn and discuss with two professionals from the ScanPlus’ sales and quality management department and had the rare opportunity to see the 24/7 Service Desk and several own highly secured data centres.

In the afternoon the Export Area Manager for most of the Danube Region of LIQUI MOLY, a German company specializing in engine oils, additives and car care with more than 700 employees and more than 400 Mio € turnover, gave a presentation about the business environment and his personal experiences in the Balkans. The presentation that triggered as well a lively discussion among the participants on the right strategy to tackle the challenges of the Balkans was given in the city hall of Ulm.