The last day of the Danube Summer School 2015 took place in the „Haus der Donau“ (engl.: House of the Danube).

The participants presented the results of their assignments. Most gave presentations on projects that would considerably contribute to the Danube Regions development.

1 Colouring Children Book on the Danube Region.
  Anastasia N. Ross
Blagovesta Ivaylova Tsen
Hannah Ziegler
Lea Suranji

2 Danube Limes – Ecotourism – Serbia, Research
  Olivera Soro

3 Danube Identity – psychological background – what is superior Identity.
  Tatjana Avramov

4 Transfer of Knowledge to improve the existing flood protection systems
  Zivan Lukic
Jelena Radovanović
Katharina Lenz
Miha Markelj

5 Supporting Business Development and Entrepreneurship in Ruse
  Kapka Panayotova
Nicoletta Popova
Edmund Ekema Muaka
Tihomir Nunev

6 Habsburg Heritage at the Herculaneum
  Alexandra-Camelia Potra
Constantin Anita

7 Danube Winter School in Novi Sad
  Delia Bosiok
Sladjana Stojanović
Sonja Leković

After the presentations and discussions the participants celebrated farewell at the museumscafe Ulm.