On the second day of the Summer – or rather Autumn School, the participants had a workshop with Mr. Botzenhard, researcher and teaching assistant at the Marketing Department of the University of Applied Science Neu-Ulm. After being introduced to the field of regional branding, they were asked to conceptualize a coherent branding strategy for Danube countries such as Bulgaria and Serbia. At the end of the workshop, the participants were given the first Certificate for the attendance of the lectures at the University Castle of Vöhlinby Mr Martin and Prof. Mayer.

In the afternoon, the participants got a short introduction from Csila Csapo, (University of Applied Sciences Ulm) to current projects carried out by the Donauhochschule in the framework of the European Danube Stratgey for the Danube Region. Moreover they were ask to plan their own project, related to the Danube Region. They will present some porjects on the session on Saturday, October 4th.

In the late evening Prof. Dr. Heilscher of the University of Applied Sciences Ulm hold a lecture on Solar Power and its future potential.