The Danube Summer School 2014 is approaching. We are all looking forward to welcoming our participants and guests to Ulm. Just to let you know what you can exoact in the coming week. Here a brief schedule:


Sunday, September 28th– Welcoming

4:00 pm: Arrival at Ulm Hbf (Mainstation)

5:00 pm: Transfer to Illertissen. Afterwards check in to “Hotel am Schloss” (Schloßallee 17, 89257 Illertissen
tel.: +49 7303 96400)

6:00 pm: Dinner and introduction to people, organisation etc. at “Hotel am Schloss”


Monday, September 29th – Identity and Branding

9:00 am: Pick up at hotel and short introduction of the background of the DSS. Afterwards tour through the Vöhlin Castle of Illertissen by Mr. Martin, Director pf the Castle

10:00 am: Prof. Dr. Pätzmann and Mr Botzenhardt, HS Neu-Ulm Part I (Bacchus-Hall, Vöhlin Castle)

1:30 pm: Lunch Break (Vöhlin Castle)

2:30 pm: Prof Dr. Steuerer, HS Neu-Ulm Renewable Energies and Entrepreneurship (Bacchus-Hall, Vöhlin Castle)


Tuesday, September 30th – Energy and Management

8:00 am: Checkout from “Hotel am Schloss”

9:00 am: Prof Dr. Pätzmann and Mr Botzenhardt, HS Neu-Ulm Part II (Bacchus-Hall, Vöhlin Castle)

11:00 am: Break and Lunch (Vöhlin Castle)

2:00 pm: Transfer to Ulm, HSU Böfingen (2:30 pm: Check in Hotel Mitte24, Kasernstraße 24, 89231 Neu-Ulm, tel: +49 178 5661593)

3:00 pm: Ms. Csapo, Project Management Workshop (HSU Böfingen, Room O205)

5:00 pm: Prof. Dr. Heilscher, HS Ulm, Renewable Energies (HSU Böfingen, Room O205)


Wednesday, October 1st –Innovative Business Concepts

8:15 am: Transfer from Hotel to Scan Plus

9:00 am: Scan Plus, Ulm – Recent Developments in the IT Sector, in particular in regards to Cloud Computing

12:30 pm: Lunch at Scan Plus

2:00 pm: Presentation of Innovative Car Sharing Concept (City Hall Ulm – “Kleiner Sitzungssaal”)


Thursday, October 2nd – Politics and Economics

(City Hall Ulm – “Großer Sitzungssaal”)

9:00 am: Welcoming by Mr. Peter Langer, CoDCR

10:00 am: Speech by Lord Mayor of Ulm Ivo Gönner

10:45 am: Speech by Dr. P. Herdlitschka Ministry of Finance and Economics Baden- Württemberg

11:30 am: Mr. Novak, State Ministry Baden Württemberg

12:15 pm: Mr. Harrer, Economic Senate of Austria

13:00 pm: Lunch Break (Ratskeller Ulm)

14:00 pm: Panel Discussion – “Is there a Need for a Master Program focusing on the Danube Region?”

  • Prof. Dr. Kornazceva – University of Ruse
  • Prof. Dr. Steurer – HNU Ulm
  • Prof. Mayer – EDA and HNU Ulm
  • Ms. Stepan – University of Krems
  • Mr Harrer und Mr Ressel, Economic Senate Austria


Friday October 3rd – History and Culture

9:00 am: Prof. Dr. Traue, University of Ulm, Pre- and Protohistoric Civilizations in the Danube Region (vh Ulm)

11:00 am: Ms Geller, Danube Connects (vh Ulm)


Saturday October 4th – Presentations of Assignments

9:00 am: Presentations of Assignments (Haus der Donau)

12:00 pm: Final Discussion and Evaluation (Haus der Donau)

13:00 pm: Farewell Lunch (Krone Ulm)