In the afternoon a panel consisting of representatives from different education related sectors have met to discuss the necessity of a Danube Region Focussed Master Program. The discussion took place in the large council hall of the city council of Ulm.

The panellists were:

  • Mr. S. Grunilli, representative of the Baden Württemberg Foundation
  • Mr. J. Ressel, representative of the Economic Senate of Austria
  • Prof. Dr. M. Kornazheva, representative of the University of Ruse and the Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center
  • Prof. Dr. Steurer – representative of the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm
  • Prof. G. Mayer – representative of the European Danube Academy and University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm
  • Ms. D. Stepan – representative of the Danube University of Krems
  • Ms. D. Rusu – Youth representative from Romania
  • Ms. J. Zigic – Youth representative from Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Ms. P. F. Langer – European Danube Academy, Panel facilitation

The brief result of the discussion was that in general such a program would be welcomed and necessary to educate Danube Region Experts. It will be important to look at the employability and the competences that are needed in the region. One aspect that was stressed often was, that quality and attractiveness of the master program can only be reached if it is set up in an international context – meaning that several high ranked universities should work together to develop a joint or double degree program.

After the long day of discussions, the participants were offered to get a guided tour through the Museum of Ulm. Mr. Wehrberger particularly explained the importance of the Lion Man that is found and exhibited around/in Ulm.