Day 4 of the Danube Summer School 204 was devoted to the challenging economic and political situation in the Danube Region. Six speakers presented their roles and views on the Danube region and discussed current issues such as the striking challenge of Roma inclusion. It was held in the large council hall of the city council of Ulm.

Peter Langer, General Secretary of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions gave an insights in the development of Danube Cooperation in particular on a regional level.

Dr. Herdlitschka, Priority Area Coordinator for Competiveness of the EUSDR for the Ministry of Finance and Economics Baden-Württemberg explained the framework of the European Union’s Strategy for the Danube Region and the importance of SME’s.

The Lord Mayer of Ulm Ivo Gönner gave a speech on the challenges of the Danube Region in particular regarding environmental issues such as waste water management but also about rule of law and a common approach to tackle common problems.

Mr Novak, from the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg gave a short introduction of the Role of Danube Contact Points, which was in particular interesting for participants that have their own projects in mind.

And Mr. Harrer and Mr. Ressel from the Economic Senate of Austria both gave speeches on the opportunities of the Danube Regions as well as the common identity and responsibility we have.