On Friday, which was also the German Reunification Day and therefore public holiday, the participants were given a workshop on the early settlements of the Danube basin. Prof. Dr. Harald Traue from the University of Ulm presented his findings on the early civilisations along the Danube. The participants were given a brief presentation as well as chance to learn from the newly developed exhibition of the European Danube Academy on the importance of the Danube Basin for the human cultural development and the settlements of Europe as a continent. The EDA was developed by Prof Traue financed by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation which is also main sponsor of the Danube Summer School 2014. A particular focus of Prof. Traue’s research is not just the importance of the Danube Basin as ideal route for early cultures but also how the human mind developed on the migration along the Danube.

The second session covered the media cooperation along the Danube. Sabine Geller of Danube connect presented projects and opportunities to the participants. Danube Connect is a magazine that covers all aspects of the Danube Regions and offers Danubians to publish their ideas.

Both sessions were held in the “Club Orange” hall of the adult education centre vh Ulm