The Danube Summer School 2015 Team faces the difficult task of selecting the right 25 participants out of 83 applicants. Most CVs and applications we received show enthusiasm and competence. However, due to limited resources we have to cancel out most of the applicants.

In order to do so in the fairest possible way, we decided to reject all applications from participants that do not live in the Danube Region. Moreover we try to have at least one representative from each Danube Country. This obviously results in the rejection of great applicants, which we feel sorry about.

List of Countries and Applicants

Country No. Appl.
Germany DE 5
Austria AT 0
Slovakia SK 1
Hungary HU 5
Croatia HR 2
Serbia RS 22
Romania RO 7
Bugaria BG 14
Moldova MD 2
Ukraine UA 3
Slovenia SI 1
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA 1
Other other 20
total 83