The third part of the Danube School Series 2018 proceeded as a cooperation between the European Danube Academy in Ulm (EDA), the University of Tuebingen (Ludwig-Uhland- Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology and the Institute of Danube Swabian History and Regional Studies) and the University of Neu-Ulm (HNU) in collaboration with our Danube School partners from Novi Sad, Budapest and Ruse.

Between 14.-19. October 2018, more than 30 professors, academics, students and experts of the Danube region came together in Illertissen, Neu-Ulm and Ulm and worked on the topic of „Migration and innovation“. For the first three days the group stayed at the Seminar Centre of the Universities of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm and enjoyed a program full of lectures and workshops in the great seminar house of the HNU, the Vöhlin Castle in Illertissen. In addition to the high-quality speeches from professors and lecturers from Universities of Tuebingen, Neu-Ulm, Novi Sad, Budapest and Agder the participants from Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and Ukraine received the task to work together in small international groups and create their own „Danube Project“, following our leading subject „migration and innovation in the Danube Region“.

The Target of the group work is on one hand to encourage the participants from different countries to cooperate successfully in an international team and improve intercultural communication skills. On the other hand, the goal is to create innovative and realistic Danube Projects and work on a certain Danube project proposal. These group projects are presented and critically analysed in Ulm in the Donaubüro/Danube Office on the last day of the school. Some of the projects descriptions are also published in the section: Project Proposals on page 325.

©Tanja Salzmann-Reißer

During the school, the lecturers 2018 focused on our main topic of the Danube School and spoke about „The experimentalist governance of the EUSDR“ (Prof. Dr. Gänzle, University of Agder), „Along the Danube – A History of (Re-) Migration, Flight, and Expulsion in the Danube Region“ (Dr. Sparwasser, Federation of Expellees), „A Hungarian trademark: the moral panic button“ (Dr. Melani Barlai, Andrassy University Budapest), „New Social Innovation Paradigma“ (Prof. Dr. Kormann, HNU),“Demographics in the Danube Region“ (Prof. Dr. Savic, Novi Sad) and „Tradition and Innovation, examples from the University of Novi Sad“(Prof. Dr. Pavle Sekerus, Novi Sad).

In addition to these great lectures there was a workshop about the film „Danube Exodus“ (Dr. Spiridon, University of Tuebingen), a presentation about funding opportunities in INTERREG (Ms Specker, Danube Contact Point Stuttgart), an open discussion with the director Dr. Szabó of Hungarian Balassi Institute Stuttgart and of course an intercultural night with food and funny facts about the Danube region.

After three days in Illertissen, the group moved to the twin cities Ulm and Neu-Ulm and had two more interesting days there. The program in Ulm was for instance rounded off by a meeting with the director of the Danube Swabian Museum Mr. Glass (DZM) in Ulm and a visit of the very interesting current exhibition „Brave New World. Migrants‘ Dream Houses“, a meeting with Mayoress Iris Mann from Ulm, a visit of the exhibition „Weiße Rose“/ „White Rose“ in the adult education center of Ulm and the chance to join a movie night organised by DZM :„Transilvania mea – Von Gewinnern und Verlierern“ .

Compared to the Danube School Series the last years, the concept is growing and rising very successfully. Not only that in 2018 students from the University of Tuebingen could get ECTS as a key qualification for their participation in this Danube School, but also the network of cooperating universities is growing: Ruse in Bulgaria joined our network- and one great fact about this new cooperation is that it was mainly initiated by one of the participants of the former Danube School Ulm, who has joined the school here in Ulm last year. The Danube School Series is very proud of its excellent participants that take home inspiration, knowledge and new contacts and create such great projects.

The partners from the Danube School network are already in contact to share new ideas for a fruitful and inspiring cooperation in 2019 and especially the Board of the „Certification and Coordination Council“ of the Schools with Prof. Dr. Ellen Bos Prof. Bos (Andrássy Universität Budapest), Prof. Dr. Ivana Živančević Sekeruš (University of Novi Sad), Prof. Dr. Reinhard Johler (University of Tuebingen)and Prof. Gerhard Mayer (European Danube Academy) is supporting the network with their knowledge and contacts.

For 2018 we thank all our sponsors and funders like the Baden-Wuerttemberg Foundation, City of Ulm, Wilhelm Mayer Nutzfahrzeuge, Wieland, Sparkasse Ulm, and Ratskeller Ulm. A huge thanks to all our guests, lecturers and participants for your ideas, exchange of views and perspectives and we hope to see you again 2019!